I tremendously enjoy my work. I think that people who sit with me in my office can feel this delight- in them, and in the conversations and relationships that constitute therapy. It is my passion to learn new things all the time, to keep growing professionally and personally; Every ten years or so I renew my professional excitement by learning a new modality of treatment.

The natural world has always been my greatest teacher and has taught me the benefit of patience and silence, which in turn inform my capacity to sit with my clients. Growing trust in the essential connectedness of all life brings me into my office with courage and joy. I've often been asked what's happening inside, for such waves of laughter to be heard from my waiting room!

I am informed by Feminism, poetry and music, Yoga and mindfulness practice, 15 years of Shamanic journeying, several years of experience as an elementary and Head Start classroom teacher in my twenties, 37 years of parenting, and over twenty-five years of practice in a variety of modalities as a psychotherapist.

My clientele include people in their teens and older. I see people individually and with their family members. I have experience with, and sensitivity to, issues of class, gender, race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and culture. I'm comfortable with women and men and people in transition.

EMDR: In 2001 I was trained to the highest level in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I continue to attend trainings and participate in ongoing peer supervision. I learn much of what I know about healing from my patients' experiences during sessions, which help with everything from healing complex trauma to resolving relationship distress.

AEDP: In 2010 I began my training in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and am now a Certified AEDP clinician. AEDP is rooted in the belief that secure attachment, initially to a parent figure, is the source of health; a therapist who responds honestly and authentically with loving kindness, activates neural pathways necessary for emotional repair. 

Please see RESOURCES for more information on EMDR and AEDP


-Individuals: for emotional repair, lifestage problems, trauma, anxiety and depression

-People in relationships: for straight, gay, lesbian, and transgendered people and families.

- I have been encouraged to make it explicit that I am comfortable with, and helpful to, people who come from cultural and ethnic backgrounds different from my own. While I cannot pretend to understand from the inside what is is to be another person, I work hard to learn by openness and with affection from the lived experience of my patients.

-Supervision: I do offer supervision for colleagues from a variety of disciplines. My licensure also makes me an appropriate supervisor for clinicians working towards New York State certification in Social Work, and Marriage and Family Therapy. Please see my page: Supervision

-I also offer group supervision and training in AEDP. Please see the page on AEDP Training.

          "The only cure for your suffering is to lean into the source of your pain"

                                                      Celtic Book of the Dead