I offer individual supervision for therapists at all levels and stages of their professional careers. I trained as a clinical supervisor for several years with Natasha Prenn, Senior faculty of the AEDP Institute, who with Diana Fosha wrote the APA Clinical Supervision Essentials book Supervision Essentials for Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. My supervisees express great enjoyment and satisfaction in the experience of supervision. AEDP promotes an approach which is exploratory, supportive, and enhancing, rather than evaluative.

Even before my AEDP training, I'd also had many years of extensive experience helping clinicians develop their skills. For the past four years I have specialiized in supervising those with an interest in Experiential therapies, and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) in particular, but I've been a generalist for more than 25 years, and "speak" various therapeutic languages, including Solution Oriented, Narrative, EMDR, and Mindfulness Practice. Supervision may be weekly, monthly, or occasionally, depending upon your interest and need. 

As an AEDP Certified Clinical Supervisor, hours spent meeting with me contribute to your Certification with the Institute as an AEDP therapist, and I can help you navigate the requirements and prepare your work to present to the faculty. (Please note: the Institute requires that clinicians applying for Certification in AEDP be Licensed in the state where they practice.)

My credentials make me a useful supervisor if you are working towards New York State credentialing as a Social Worker, MFT, and some other disciplines. Please ask me!

My fee for individual supervision is 140.00 per hour, with some flexibility for "younger" therapists whose practices are still developing.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I might be helpful for you: to grow your practice; to learn new skills; to work towards AEDP Certification; to support your work towards licensing.