Saturday November 10th, 9:00-4:00:

                      Senior AEDP faculty member Steve Shapiro, PhD:


                         MAXIMUM BENEFIT FOR MINIMAL TIME

This full day workshop will be useful for all clinicians who long for effective and expeditious interventions to use from the very start of treatment. For those of you who plan to attend Steve’s presentation in Elmira on Friday November 9th, this material will expand and deepen your learning.

Dr Steve Shapiro is a clinical psychologist whose practice is in Philadelphia. He is a founding member and senior faculty of the AEDP Institute in New York. With his clinical style with roots in STDP (Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy), his reputation for effective, powerful clinical skills and inspiring teaching make us especially pleased to be hosting him here in Ithaca.

FORMAT of the  DAY:

Morning: Steve will show videotape of initial sessions, which will illustrate his teaching. Material to be covered is as follows: Trial therapy; Diagnosis; Establishing goals; building an alliance rapidly.

Lunch: a “working” lunch! Bring your own sandwich, and eat while Steve answers questions.

Afternoon: volunteers will be invited to role play a specific client, while Steve takes the role of therapist. This will bring the teaching to life right in the room with us. Demonstrations are an excellent way to absorb skills as we learn them!

WHEN: Saturday November 10, 9-4 (with a working lunch)

WHERE: Hospicare Ithaca, 172 King Road, Ithaca 

CEUs: 7 hours, courtesy of Family & Children’s Service of Ithaca ($25 payable to them)

SNACKS: will be provided

COST: $120. To register and pay by credit card please go to: